Event organisation

Forthcoming in June 2019: invited organiser for a five-hour theme session on ‘Language and Thought in Bilinguals’ at the International Symposium on Bilingualism, Alberta, Canada.

2014, The European Second Language Association conference (EuroSLA 24), York, 3-6 September. With D. Trenkic, E. Marsden, L. Roberts, and others.

2013, ‘Second language phonology at the interface between acoustic and orthographic input’ colloquium’, EuroSLA 23 conference, Amsterdam, 30 August. With P. Escudero and
R. Hayes-Harb.

2009, Writing 2day: The London Symposium on Writing Systems, London, 28 Nov.

2008, Writing Systems: Analysis, Acquisition and Use workshop, London, 22 Nov.

2007, Multi-competence Day, Newcastle, 15 Sept. With V. Cook.

2003, Colchester Second Language Acquisition Workshop, Colchester, 11‑14 May. With
V. Cook.

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