Current doctoral researchers

  • Wanyin Li, working on the processing of collocations in Chinese learners of English
  • Monika Szczech, working on pronunciation in visually impaired learners of English (second supervisor)


Postdoctoral Research Fellows

  • Dr Paolo Mairano (2015-17). Now Lecturer at the University of Lille, France.
  • Dr Tania Cerni (2015-17). Now Research Fellow at the University of Trento, Italy.

Doctoral researchers

  • Second supervisor, Noorin Rodenhurst (2017/18), working on sentence processing in bilingual children.
  • Second supervisor, Heeyang Park (2016/17-2017/18), working on English literacy in Korean children.
  • Hala Al-Ghamdi, 2013/14, working on handwriting in English as a second language.
  • Haiwei Zhang, 2013/14, working on handwriting in Chinese as a second language. Now a Lecturer at Minzu University, Beijing, China.
  • Jiang Yu, 2007/08. Now a Lecturer at Capital Normal University, Beijing, China.

Postgraduate research assistants

  • Nathan Atkinson (2011).
  • Alessandra Panicacci (2016-17).
  • Rosicler Reinboldt (2017).

MA/MSc dissertation supervision

Thirty-six MA/MSc empirical dissertations supervised to completion for MA TESOL, MA ELT, and MSc Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions.

Undergraduate research officers

  • James Collins (2013, with P. Wakeling)
  • Hannah Trott (2013, with P. Wakeling)
  • Annie Clarke (2012, with D. Trenkic).
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