Research interests

My research investigates the relationship between knowledge of more than one language (in language learners and multilinguals) and thinking. In particular, I have focused on:

  1. Thinking about language, language learning and language use in learners/users of sacred languages (e.g., Bassetti, 2023; Bassetti & Reinboldt, 2023).
  2. Effects of knowing more than one written and spoken language on thinking about the units and sounds of language:
    Double consonant letters and the perception, production and awareness of illusory gemination in L2 English (e.g., Bassetti etc etc)
    Effects of L2 word spelling on the realisation of L2 words (e.g., Bassetti & Atkinson, 2015)
    L1 interword spacing and the processing and awareness of words in L2 Chinese  (e.g. Bassetti etc.(
  3. Effects of knowing more than one language on thinking about entities and events:
    Knowledge of two languages with grammatical gender and perceived gender connotations of entities (animals, objects, abstract concepts) (e.g xxx)
    and perceptions of L1 grammatical gender assignment
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